Professional Exterior House Painting Solutions


Morency Paint and Move is your top choice for exterior painting because we understand the importance of your home’s first impression. Our services enhance curb appeal, protect your investment, and reflect your unique style. With over seven years of experience and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we ensure exceptional results.


Our approach combines expertise and innovation. We start with thorough cleaning and meticulous surface preparation, ensuring a flawless finish. Our experts select the right paints and techniques, delivering precision and durability. Morency Paint and Move transforms your vision for your home’s exterior into a stunning reality that elevates its beauty and protection.

Color Choices for Outdoor Painting

When making the decision to paint your house, one of the initial tasks typically involves selecting the paint color. Numerous factors come into play when deciding on the ideal exterior paint color for your home.

Outdoor Environment – The natural surroundings will play a significant role in determining the exterior paint colors you opt for. If your house resides in a predominantly shaded area, you might lean toward lighter hues. Conversely, if you aim to harmonize with the surrounding foliage, darker colors could be your preference. It’s essential to contemplate how you want your home’s exterior to harmonize with its natural environment.

Architectural Style – Whether your residence boasts a Victorian-style design or adheres to a traditional colonial aesthetic, these architectural styles feature distinct peaks and accents. Irrespective of your home’s construction, the choice of colors can effectively emphasize particular architectural elements.

Current Color Scheme – Keep in mind that your roof, driveway, gravel, and mulch won’t change their colors with a paint job. Therefore, think about how you’d like your chosen exterior house paint colors to complement these existing features of your home.

Outdoor Painting Endeavor

Painting the exterior of a house is a comprehensive task that typically extends beyond a weekend’s timeframe. If you feel unprepared to manage the following aspects, it may be advisable to enlist the services of a professional to fulfill all your house painting requirements.

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Cleanse – Prior to commencing the painting process, it’s essential to cleanse the exterior of your house. A pressure washer is an effective tool for this task. Beginning at the highest point is recommended, as it ensures that dirt and grime will be directed downward from the siding and trim.

Scraping – Following that, it becomes crucial to remove any peeling paint from the house’s siding. Make sure to position drop cloths beneath your working area to prevent these paint chips from falling onto the grass.

Smooth and Prep – Sanding is an essential stage in achieving smooth exterior surfaces, providing an optimal foundation for paint adhesion.

Repair and Fill – Before applying primer to the exterior, it’s essential to patch up any remaining areas in need of repair.

Apply Primer – Following that, it’s time to apply the primer, and it’s worth noting that primers can vary. The paint manufacturer’s instructions will specify the number of coats required.

Seal Gaps – Ensure that all cracks and corners are properly sealed to prevent moisture infiltration.

Apply Paint – At last, it’s the moment to coat your home in the color of your preference.

Engage Local Painting Professionals

When contemplating an exterior house painting project and deciding between a DIY approach or hiring professionals, it’s essential to evaluate the following factors: Do I possess all the required equipment? Am I willing to take on the associated risks? Will I dedicate the time and effort needed to ensure a high-quality outcome? Only if your answer is affirmative to all these questions should you contemplate embarking on a DIY exterior painting project.

Morency Paint and Move’s team of house painters boasts over seven years of valuable experience in the field. Our professionals are fully licensed, insured, and specialize in exterior painting. Additionally, every project undertaken by Morency Paint and Move is supported by our unwavering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. What do you have to lose?

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